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I had the pleasure of working with Tyler for 4 months. I signed up for personal training due to a long term lower back problem and the pain was getting to the point that it was hard to deal with.When I first started the training I didn’t believe that I would get any relief from the pain. I was very wrong. Tyler started off slow with me explaining what I would need to do in order to strengthen my lower back. He pushed me hard but yet knew when to take it easy if he saw I was struggling or in any pain. Before any session he would ask how I was feeling and if I had any issues from the days before. If I did, he always had a way of relieving the pain or relaxing the tightness from different stretching techniques. If there was something I wanted to try he had no problem showing it to me, but only when he knew I was ready for it. After 4 months, I am now able to use the squat rack, deadlift and do so much more with no pain in my back. I feel stronger everywhere, and my confidence level has drastically improved. I would recommend Tyler to anyone. 

- Amanda G. Personal Training Client